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Synopsis Alpha’s Rejected Second Chance Mate Novel by pradeep

Alpha’s Rejected Second Chance Mate Novel written by author pradeep, falls under the Warewolf genre and has garnered a significant following and positive reviews. To indulge in the complete story, readers can download the NovelOasis app.

Synopsis Alpha’s Rejected Second Chance Mate Novel

Rejected by her fated mate, Crystal Spears was heartbroken and wanted to go away from him and her pack. Her mate rejected her because his girlfriend was an alpha’s daughter, and also belonged to a strong pack. He was getting power and wealth by declaring his girlfriend as his fated mate.

The Moon Goddess, on the other hand, had a different plan for Crystal. She found her cousin, the future alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack, Theo Blakefield, as her second chance mate. It confused both Theo and her because they were cousins. Confused about the game of fate, she came back to her pack, and then her parents told her that she was not their biological daughter when they came to know about the relationship between Theo and Crystal.

She was once again heartbroken, but Theo accepted her as his mate happily. However, a great surprise was coming her way when she met the werewolf prince, Killian Knight, who was also present in her pack, at the same time.

Killian Knight was startled to see Crystal because she was the split image of the late queen, Killian’s mother, who died mysteriously before giving birth to his next sibling. The resemblance between them was enough to make Killian realize his relationship with Crystal.

What was the mystery behind Killian’s mother’s death? Why did Killian or anyone from the royal family not know about Crystal’s existence? Killian asked Theo and Crystal to keep Crystal’s real identity as the royal princess a secret until he finds out the truth behind his mother’s death.

But Crystal’s problem didn’t end there. Rogues started attacking Theo’s pack after Crystal shifted there, and tried to kidnap Crystal.

Who wanted to take Crystal away from her mate? What was so special about Crystal and her wolf that both Killian and Theo were determined to keep her a secret until they find the culprit behind the queen’s death and the person behind these rogue’s attacks? To know the answers to these questions, let’s share the journey of Crystal and Theo….

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