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Synopsis Became His True Love after Rebirth Novel by Willette Gregory

Became His True Love after Rebirth Novel written by author Willette Gregory, falls under the romance genre and has garnered a significant following and positive reviews. To indulge in the complete story, readers can download the JoyRead app.

Synopsis Became His True Love after Rebirth Novel

In my previous life, I was a scorned villain, deeply in love with my husband, yet became the woman he despised most. He betrayed our marriage for another girl.

He told me that girl was his true love and he must divorce me to marry her.

I said “no,” so he put me into prison despite my advanced b***st c****r. He even caused my parents’ death.

“You’re really merciless, Henry,” I lamented. Fortunately, God felt pity for me and therefore gave me another chance at life.

“Divorce, Henry,” I announce, taking the initiative this time. Anyway, our marriage is a mere business arrangement; love has no place in it. I thought everything would go as I expected and we could end this marriage peacefully. However, things go awry. “What are you up to again?” Henry snaps back, impatience evident on his face.

I did play many tricks in my last life because I wanted to get some attention from him. So it’s natural that he still thinks so this time.

“If I say you’ll deadly wish I leave you alone for good one day, would you believe me?” I challenge. “Stop daydreaming!” he scoffs, “We’ll keep torm**ting each other until the very end.”

I sigh. This is my second life, so I know he’ll definitely meet his true love soon and therefore force me to leave him again.

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Novel Description

TitleBecame His True Love after Rebirth
AuthorWillette Gregory
Other works

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