Synopsis CEO’s Second Chance Novel by Amelia Hart

CEO’s Second Chance Novel written by author Amelia Hart, falls under the romance genre and has garnered a significant following and positive reviews. To indulge in the complete story, readers can download the Novelflow app.

Synopsis CEO’s Second Chance Novel

Two years into their marriage, Evelyn had only encountered her renowned husband Dermot through the flickering screen of a TV. Eventually, the day of their divorce arrived, and with it, Dermot’s sense of newfound liberation. Amidst the late hours of his business ventures, Dermot stumbled upon an enigmatic female ha*ker, his fascination piqued by her elusive presence.

Through subsequent interactions, he uncovered another layer to her identity-she was also the CEO of a high-end fashion brand. Determined to win her heart, Dermot embarked on a relentless pursuit.

In the midst of their courtship, the woman posed a question, her gaze penetrating Dermot’s soul, “Do you truly know who I am?” Dermot’s response carried a mixture of curiosity and uncertainty, “You’re the celebrated ha*ker, the visionary behind a prestigious fashion empire… or is there more to your story?”

With a hint of intrigue, the woman drew closer, her li*s brushing his ear as she revealed, “Actually… I still hold the title of your ex-wife.”

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Novel Description

TitleCEO’s Second Chance
AuthorAmelia Hart
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