Synopsis Dark Obsession: Taming His Demons Novel by Karima Sa’ad Usman

Dark Obsession: Taming His Demons Novel written by author Karima Sa’ad Usman, falls under the Warewolf genre and has garnered a significant following and positive reviews. To indulge in the complete story, readers can download the GoodNovel app.

Synopsis Dark Obsession: Taming His Demons Novel

People said the King appointed me his son’s Beta to stop my family from mutiny.

Our wolves were like gods compared to the wolves of Aquilonia, but the King did not need to appoint me his son’s beta to secure our loyalty, nor did he need to fear a rebellion from my people. We owed him our lives.

King Nikolas should have turned us away or killed us when we arrived at the shore of a town in his kingdom. Instead, he allowed us to settle and multiply. The King appointed me as Mathias’s Beta because he trusted me.

A trust I feared I would break because something had happened to me along the line. As cold-hearted as I was, his daughter, Jasmine, had caught my attention.

It was a clandestine truth, hidden from the world. I had yet to decide whether I would act on this truth or not, but with each passing day, my determination to keep my distance from Jasmine waned. I found myself pondering how much longer I could resist the inevitable breaking point.

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Novel Description

TitleDark Obsession: Taming His Demons
AuthorKarima Sa’ad Usman
Other worksUnderwater, Once In The Dust, Insatiable Desires, Luca’s Inferno, Accidental Claim, and others

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