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Synopsis Divorce with my Alpha King Novel by Dolly writes

Divorce with my Alpha King Novel written by author Dolly Writes, falls under the Warewolf genre and has garnered a significant following and positive reviews. To indulge in the complete story, readers can download the Noveldom app.

Synopsis Divorce with my Alpha King Novel

The moon festival was being celebrated as usual and the entire pack had gathered together to celebrate with their new Alpha.

It was the very first Moon festival ever since the death of the formal alpha and a lot of the wolves believed that celebrating the moon festival would serve as a sign of strength and unity to other packs who would think of attacking them.

Halfway through the party the guests had screams outside the Alpha’s mansion and they rushed outside to Miriam the Alpha’s wife and Louise the former Luna soaked up in the swimming pool.

‘What the hell is going on here?” Christopher the new Alpha yelled as he jumped into the pool to help Louise out.

Miriam kept battling with the water because of the cloth she wore until she finally found herself out of the swimming pool.

She stood at the other end of the pool soaked and cold yet nobody seemed to notice she was even there.

‘Chris… Chris… my child… I don’t want to lose my child Chris. This baby is the only memory of your late brother that I have left” Louise cried as she held on to Christopher ever tightly.

‘You’re going to be fine. And if anything happens to you, I’ll make whosoever responsible to wish they weren’t born,” Chris replied as he carried Louise into the mansion living room while waiting for the doctor’s arrival.

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Novel Description

TitleDivorce with my Alpha King
AuthorDolly Writes
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