Synopsis His Forbidden Desire: From Secretary to Lover Novel

His Forbidden Desire: From Secretary to Lover Novel – This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can install the BeeNovel application. The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience.

Synopsis His Forbidden Desire: From Secretary to Lover Novel

Reinette Quincy’s biggest regret was working as Jadeon Lambert’s personal secretary for five years, handling not only his work schedule but also his sultry desires.

Despite giving everything to that sc*m*ag, he eventually grew tired of her and exiled her to a remote place. Although life in exile wasn’t easy at first, Reinette persevered and reached the pinnacle of success, thanks to her resilience and a stroke of luck.

Hunky young men lined up to court her, powerful influencers pushed her career to the top, and even her estranged billionaire father promised her his fortune on his deathbed.

Life can be full of ups and downs like this. And Jadeon remains nothing more than a god of misfortune! At the cocktail party, Jadeon held his glass aloft and sneered at his former secretary whom he hadn’t seen in ages.

“You just couldn’t let go of me and had to follow me here?” Reinette smirked back at him, “Mr. Lambert, I don’t remember inviting you.”

Jadeon: “Have you lost your mind or something?” The host on stage interrupted them both: “Now let’s give a warm welcome to the newly appointed CEO of our company, Miss Qui…

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Novel Description

Title His Forbidden Desire: From Secretary to Lover
Publisher BeeNovel
Genre Romance
Language English
Other Works

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