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Synopsis Longing For Their Luna Novel by Megan Elisabeth

Longing For Their Luna Novel written by author Megan Elisabeth, falls under the Warewolf genre and has garnered a significant following and positive reviews. To indulge in the complete story, readers can download the Dreame app.

Synopsis Longing For Their Luna Novel

When Max Prewitt was only fifteen she was in a horrible car accident, one that changed her life forever. After losing her father and having to live with physical scars that are a daily reminder of that tragic day, Max is just struggling to get by. So two years later she feels caught off guard when her mother says she met another man, not only that but she has decided to move in with him and start over. Little did she know this move wouldn’t just uproot her life, it would change how she sees it all together.

Noah Black is an eighteen-year-old werewolf who is next in line to be Alpha, his mother and older brother being tragically killed in a rogue attack left a huge impact on his life, one that made him closed off and cold. Now that his father has found his second chance mate, who just so happens to be human..Noah couldn’t be any more disappointed. Humans were weak and in no way could one run this pack. But when he lays his eyes on Maxine, he can’t explain this overwhelming need to protect what does he do instead? pushes her as far away as possible..and tries to make sure her life is just as miserable as the one he is forced to live with.

Mitchell Alexander has been dreaming of the day when his Luna finally turns eighteen so he can claim her. After following her for the past two weeks, he finally decides to show himself, only for Max to move away, completely unaware that she is about to enter in a well-known pack, that just so happens to be his uncle’s. Will Max being mated to not only one future Alpha, but two, cause two cousins who were once best friends to drift apart even further? Or will they learn to cope with this odd situation?

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Novel Description

TitleLonging For Their Luna
AuthorMegan Elisabeth
Other worksDeceiving My Bully Stepbrother, Falling For My Sister’s Husband, The Luna’s Hidden Destiny, and others

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Now that you know how to access and enjoy Longing For Their Luna Novel, it’s time to decide if this amazing story deserves a spot in your beloved reading collection.

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