Synopsis Mommy, Daddy’s Cleaned Up His Act Novel by Stanley Yates

Mommy, Daddy’s Cleaned Up His Act Novel written by author Stanley Yates, falls under the romance genre and has garnered a significant following and positive reviews. To indulge in the complete story, readers can download the NovelOasis app.

Synopsis Mommy, Daddy’s Cleaned Up His Act Novel

Please, I beg you. Don’t take our child away.” These were the words that Seraphina Gardner spoke before she lost her consciousness. However, her husband, Tristan Fairbanks, still wanted to get her umbilical cord blood to treat her sister, whom he loved.

When Seraphina woke up, not only did she lose her baby, but her sister even set fire to her house.

Five years later, Seraphina came back, eager to get her revenge. Seraphina took on a new identity as Anna Nolan, a nutritionist who was hired by the Fairbanks family to help with a young boy’s diet who was, in fact, Tristan’s child.

Nevertheless, she knew Tristan was a despicable man, capable of anything. Thus, his having an illegitimate son was not a surprise to her.

Everything went according to plan, except for one tiny problem. Tristan was sure that Seraphina was still alive. As he grew suspicious of Anna, Seraphina staged for “her” bones to be left inside the house where the fire occurred. It worked, as everyone believed Seraphina was dead.

But Seraphina was perplexed by two things. Why was Tristan in a disheveled state, crying about his wife’s death? Moreover, who was the young boy?

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Novel Description

TitleMommy, Daddy’s Cleaned Up His Act
AuthorStanley Yates
Other works

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