Synopsis Nanny For Little Beverly Novel by CORA

Nanny For Little Beverly Novel written by author CORA, falls under the romance genre and has garnered a significant following and positive reviews. To indulge in the complete story, readers can download the JoyRead app.

Synopsis Nanny For Little Beverly Novel

“I thoug……..”,.

“That’s my problem with you Miss Natasha, you always think and act, forgetting that you have to seek for my consent first.” Mr Anthony interrupted.

” I am Beverly’s father and it is my sole responsibility to decide if my daughter should go anywhere. it seems you are forgetting your place Miss Natasha”. He said as he angrily storm out of the house, leaving me standing with a blurry vision.

Mr Anthony Devale is a billionaire who recently annulled his marriage with his wife. But the problem is, he has a three years old daughter that needs to be taking care of.

Meanwhile, Miss Natasha Evans badly needs a Job to take care of her sick younger brother who has been diagnosed with a heart disease and a large sum of money is needed for the corrective surgery.

Natasha saw an advertisement for the position of a nanny from Job vacancy app with a very good pay. She wasted no time to jump for the offer.

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TitleNanny For Little Beverly
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