Synopsis Rejected Luna: He wants me back Novel by Pixie

Rejected Luna: He wants me back Novel written by author Pixie, falls under the Warewolf genre and has garnered a significant following and positive reviews. To indulge in the complete story, readers can download the GoodNovel app.

Synopsis Rejected Luna: He wants me back Novel

Verena isn’t Alpha Elijah’s first mate; instead, she is his second chance mate-a rarity blessed by the Goddess.

Despite being an orphan omega who hasn’t shifted, Verena found herself married to Alpha Elijah, who chose her as his Luna. Their relationship is complicated by Elijah’s past love, but Verena holds onto hope as the cold and merciless Alpha begins to warm up to her.

However, their idyllic life is shattered when Elijah’s first mate returns to the pack. He rejects Verena, breaking her heart, and she’s left with no choice but to leave, carrying their unborn child.

As Elijah starts to uncover the truth about his first mate and realizes the depth of Verena’s love for him, he deeply regrets rejecting her.

Despite his past mistakes, he longs for her return, knowing that she has always been there for him, loving him unconditionally.

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TitleRejected Luna: He wants me back
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