Synopsis Taking Twins Abroad After Divorce Novel

Taking Twins Abroad After Divorce Novel, has made a name for themselves in the Romance genre. With a large number of readers and a stellar rating, the novel has captivated audiences from all walks of life. To fully experience this literary masterpiece, readers can easily access and read the complete novel on the Tapon application.

Thanks to its immense popularity, Taking Twins Abroad After Divorce Novel has garnered widespread acclaim and has been commended by countless fans.

Synopsis Taking Twins Abroad After Divorce Novel

After enduring a tumultuous three-year marriage that ended in divorce, she became the object of ridicule in the city, mocked as the abandoned wife of a wealthy family.

However, six years later, she returns to her hometown with her twin children, ready to embrace a new chapter in her life. Transformed into a world- renowned genius doctor, she captures the attention of countless suitors, all vying for her love and hand in marriage.

Amidst the swarm of admirers, her daughter drops a bombshell: “Daddy” has been on his knees for three days, begging to remarry her.

Will she consider giving their love a second chance or continue to pursue her own path of success and happiness?

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TitleTaking Twins Abroad After Divorce
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