Synopsis The 70 Million Bride Novel by Glen Kelley

The 70 Million Bride Novel written by author Glen Kelley, falls under the romance genre and has garnered a significant following and positive reviews. To indulge in the complete story, readers can download the JoyRead app.

Synopsis The 70 Million Bride Novel

Rumors were swirling about Liam Henderson’s clandestine marriage, fueled by the belief that his wife lacked conventional beauty.

Their contract was clear: “Fulfill your obligations, and in ten years, we part ways.” But Liam dismissed the very pact they had signed, holding her close while uttering another woman’s name.

Abbie Marshall couldn’t help but scoff. To her, the idea of him having an affair was almost preferable to the arrangement he proposed.

The consensus among onlookers was unanimous: how could someone like Abbie be worthy of Liam?

Yet, what unfolded after the divorce left everyone utterly stunned. The astonishing truth emerged that Liam’s former spouse had assumed a multitude of identities, from a prominent medical mogul to a renowned pianist, a tech wizard, a royal princess, a financial magnate, and even a top-tier athlete.

As news of this revelation spread like wildfire, the shockwaves reverberated widely. Many couldn’t fathom why Liam would have ever let Abbie go.

Now, witness Liam’s nightly ritual as he kneels outside Abbie’s door, desperate to seek her forgiveness and rekindle their relationship.

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Novel Description

TitleThe 70 Million Bride
AuthorGlen Kelley
Other works

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