Synopsis The Alpha’s One & Only Luna Novel by Mona Hudson

The Alpha’s One & Only Luna Novel, falls under the romance genre and has garnered a significant following and positive reviews. To indulge in the complete story, readers can download the BravoNovel app.

Synopsis The Alpha’s One & Only Luna Novel

Celica found herself in a complicated situation at the wolf tribe’s graduation ceremony. Someone had spiked her drink, and while she tried to escape, she ended up in a stranger’s room. To her dismay, she discovered that she was already married into the Snowwolf Tribe but had an encounter with another Alpha.

Upon returning to the Hyde Family, who was a part of the Snowwolf Tribe, she faced the hostility of Genevieve Good and a divorce agreement. Celica decided to endure Genevieve’s actions as signing the divorce agreement would guarantee her freedom. Initially sold to the Snowwolf Tribe by her greedy father, she married their rumored short and ugly Alpha to dispel rumors about him being unable to approach a she-wolf. However, unexpected events unfolded as a result of an accident.

Instead of being given the freedom that she longed for, Celica found herself face-to-face with her husband, Nathaniel Hyde, who turned out to be the Alpha of the Snowwolf Tribe. He nullified the agreement and passionately pursued her instead, much to her dismay. The mystery deepens even further when Nathaniel, who has an aversion to women, becomes intimately involved with Celica.

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Was this a coincidence or a destined relationship? Would Celica sacrifice her freedom and accept the purs the handsome Alpha of the Snowwolf Tribe?

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TitleThe Alpha’s One & Only Luna
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