Synopsis The Prince’s Unwilling mate Novel by Mutya the Author

The Prince’s Unwilling mate Novel written by author Mutya the Author, falls under the romance genre and has garnered a significant following and positive reviews. To indulge in the complete story, readers can download the Ireader app.

Synopsis The Prince’s Unwilling mate Novel

Ayla Hemming is proud of her human heritage, her great-grandmother was a rare human mate. She doesn’t care that the human blood causes her to be small for a werewolf. Her loving family, best friends Jessa and David are always there for her. Having the Alpha’s son as best friend helps with the gossiping. The only thing left for Ayla to wish for is for David to be her fated mate.

On his 18th Birthday David finds out they are indeed fated mates, but he rejects her. How can the runt of the pack ever be the Luna a strong pack like the Bloodmoon’s needs. Ayla’s heart breaks, and now without reason to stop gossiping, she is the joke of the pack. After a year of begging her parents to let her live with her grandparents at the White Oak pack, they reluctantly agree under one condition.

Crown Prince Griffin Taylor’s got the mark telling his fated mate died before meeting her on his 1st birthday. 20 years later he needs to find a chosen mate to rule the kingdom with. So all unmated she-wolves have to attend a ball so he can choose. Ayla’s parents force her to go, promising that if he doesn’t choose her she can change packs. She agrees figuring if she is seen as too weak to be a Luna no one would want her as a Queen.

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She never considered her and Griffin are second chance mates, she is ready for a second rejection. But the Crown Prince isn’t about to reject her. He is deadset on proving Ayla that true loves and mates exist.

Leaving Ayla to deal with a stubborn Crown Prince, a former mate with regrets and a bunch of jealous she-wolves. When all she wants is to blend in.

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Novel Description

TitleThe Prince’s Unwilling mate
AuthorMutya the Author
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