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Synopsis The Real Heiress Strikes Back Novel by Cathy Alaskia

The Real Heiress Strikes Back Novel written by author Cathy Alaskia, falls under the romance genre and has garnered a significant following and positive reviews. To indulge in the complete story, readers can download the NovelOasis app.

Synopsis The Real Heiress Strikes Back Novel

Heartbroken. Juliana Lambert, who had forgotten who she was in an incident, thought she was about to die. But the car accident triggered the buried memory in her mind, helping her find her family.

With her family found, she could get rid of the humiliation she had suffered from her ex-husband and forget the past of being a pawn in his plan. Now, she was the most adored princess of the Lambert family, making her life different from when she suffered from amnesia.

She decided to forget the past. The head of the Johnstone family, Sebastian Johnstone, could not forget the woman he slept with accidentally. Surprisingly, he found out that woman was the daughter of a family friend, Juliana. Delighted, he began his journey of winning her heart.

Stay tuned and read through the extraordinary and exciting life of the two magnates, Juliana and Sebastian.

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Novel Description

TitleThe Real Heiress Strikes Back
AuthorCathy Alaskia
Other works

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Now that you know how to access and enjoy The Real Heiress Strikes Back Novel, it’s time to decide if this amazing story deserves a spot in your beloved reading collection.

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