Synopsis Triplets Knock On My Door Novel by Queena Coverdale

Triplets Knock On My Door Novel written by author Queena Coverdale, falls under the romance genre and has garnered a significant following and positive reviews. To indulge in the complete story, readers can download the NovelOasis app.

Synopsis Triplets Knock On My Door Novel

“I have to live on!”Gwendolyn Wagner’s unwavering determination was her only lifeline when she found herself abandoned in a landfill, holding her newborn baby. With immense grit, she clawed her way out of that dire predicament.

Fast forward six years later, Gwendolyn returned with a burning desire for revenge against those responsible for her downfall and the loss of her family business. Yet, her meticulously planned vengeance took an unexpected twist with the sudden appearance of Raphael Foster. The incident that had happened six years ago was far from being a simple tragedy.

It turned out that Gwendolyn had not given birth to one child, but three! Moreover, the mysterious Raphael seemed to be somehow involved in it. As Gwendolyn embarked on her quest to unearth the truth and reclaim what was rightfully hers, she was grappled with questions about Raphael.

Would she succeed in unraveling the mystery, or would her pursuit of redemption be derailed by unexpected revelations?

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Novel Description

TitleTriplets Knock On My Door
AuthorQueena Coverdale
Other works

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