Synopsis Wanna be yours, Mafia King Novel by Blossom Harold

Blossom Harold is the author of a Wanna Be Yours, Mafia King Novel. This novel is in the action genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can install the GoodNovel application. This novel has been read by many people and has a pretty good rating.

Synopsis Wanna Be Yours, Mafia King Novel


“Just let me worship you as much as I worship your b*dy”..~ Levi Medici hadn’t known what he had gotten himself into when he saved Karla. He wasn’t one to ignore a damsel in distress but there was something about her that drew him in at first glance.

He wanted to protect her, that was all he wanted but falling for her wasn’t a very difficult task but they couldn’t be together with the forces that were against their relationship. They both had messed up lives and being together would be a disaster waiting to happen but anytime he stared into her hazel eyes, everything except them faded away.

Were they both going to take up the chance and fight for what they had or give up and let the forces win? What happens when the consequences of their being together become fatal?

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TitleWanna be yours, Mafia King
AuthorBlossom Harold
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