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Synopsis The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet Novel

The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet Novel written by author W, falls under the romance genre and has garnered a significant following and positive reviews. To indulge in the complete story, readers can download the BeeNovel app.

Synopsis The Billionaire’s Secret Quartet Novel

Thalassa fell victim to a malicious scheme, her purity taken away, and the man from that night left her a keepsake. Unfortunately, she lost it and couldn’t find him, leaving her with nothing and an uncertain future.

Five years later, she made an impressive comeback with her four adorable children. Through a twist of fate, she accidentally caught the attention of a powerful figure who held control over life and death.

Atticus, her eldest, exclaimed, “Mommy, I hacked the big shot’s company. He’ll come to apologize to you.”

Dorian, the second child, chimed in, “Mommy, I inadvertently tricked the big shot into visiting our home.”

Elowen, the middle child, shared, “Mommy, the big shot wants me to travel abroad and taste delicious food.”

Sophia, the youngest, revealed, “Mommy, the precious gift from Daddy is invaluable.”

Thalassa had always considered her children ordinary, so why were they all so talented?

The imposing big shot arrived at her house, cornering her on the bed. “You secretly gave birth to my child. You owe me an ex….

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TitleThe Billionaire’s Secret Quartet
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