Synopsis Even After Death Novel by Lilting Champ

Lilting Champ is the author of Even After Death Novel. This novel is in the billionaire genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can install the GoodNovel application. The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience.

Synopsis Even After Death Novel

Olivia Fordham was married to Ethan Miller for three years, but that time could not compare with the ten years he spent loving his first love, Marina Carlton.

On the day that she gets diagnosed with stomach c*n*er, Ethan happens to be accompanying Marina to her children’s health check-up. She doesn’t make any kind of fuss, only leaving quietly with the divorce agreement. However, this attracts an even more fervent retribution.

It seems Ethan only ever married Olivia to take revenge for what happened to his little sister. While Olivia is plagued by her sickness, he holds her chin and says coldly, “This is what your family owes me.”

Now, she has no family and no future. Her father becomes comatose after a car accident, leaving her with nothing to live for. Thus, she hurls herself from a building. “The life my family owes will now be repaid.”

At this, Ethan, who’s usually calm, panics while begging for Olivia to come back as if he’s in a state of frenzy…

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Novel Description

TitleEven After Death
AuthorLilting Champ
Other Works

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Intrinsic Elements of the Novel

Theme: The story delves into themes of revenge, love, and the consequences of past actions.

Characters and Characterization: Olivia Fordham, Ethan Miller, Marina Carlton, and Olivia’s little sister are notable characters. The details convey their emotions, motives, and relationships.

Flow: The plot follows a sequence of events, unveiling the characters’ interactions and the unfolding drama.

Time Setting: The temporal context is crucial, as it spans Olivia’s three-year marriage, Ethan’s ten-year love for Marina, and the critical moment of Olivia’s diagnosis.

Setting: The story unfolds in various settings, from the mundane health check-up to the intense emotional confrontations.

Point of View: The narration presents a mix of perspectives, revealing Olivia’s emotions, Ethan’s motives, and the consequences of their actions.

Language Style: The language style seems to carry a mix of drama, emotion, and intensity, fitting for the themes and events in the narrative.


Now that you’ve discovered how to access and enjoy the completed Even After Death Novel, it’s time to determine whether this novel deserves a place on your cherished reading list.

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